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yala Tree House Safari Hotel


Yala tree house hotel is thing not to miss in the north south in Sri Lanka.TheYala Tree House Hotel which lies very close to YalaNationaal Park is in a very beautiful location.
Gate way to Yala Tree House Hotel is Thissamaharama town which can be reached from Colombo either through HambanthotaToThanamalwila.

The Access route to Yala Tree House Hotel Can be Reached by:-
Thissamaharama- Yodakandiya –kirinda-Nimalawa-Palatupana (k.m.18)
The Yala Tree House Hotel is situated in the main touristic area.This is the most popular area for viewing wild-life Sri Lanka Which Annually receives  the highest number of visitors . The main attraction is the leopard, sloth bear and the elephants which are easy to observe and relatively non aggressive.

Besides Scenic values and animal viewing , Sithulphauwa And Katharagama are important religious places located in the vicinity of the Yala Tree House Hotel.
Seven Tree Houses Are Available for visitors. All Tree Houses are built in tall, huge and  Years old Strong trees known as palu (Manilkara  hexandra) Every Tree House in the height of 30 to 35 feet’s from  the ground. Each Tree House is well furnished from comfortable Sleeping and relaxing Facilities and well protected from any weather condition. Tree Houses are illuminated with kerosene oil lamps and also electricity produce by generators.  Shower baths and sanitary ware are at satisfactory level. Every night a huge fire is lit in the front yard of the Tree House Hotel promisors. Visited are seated  around the fire and enjoy every minute of their wonderful time they spend there.

At twilight and watch as playful monkeys playing on trees .Peacock settle in the trees for the night , Birds of prey circle Overhead and giants bates take flights as the mystery of the jungle surrounds you.
At dawn you are waken up with sudden birds singing of nature’s music. These romantic tree houses are well prepared to give you each and every comfort. You need not rise early to go to safari as you are sleeping very close to the Yala National Park entrance. It’s about 10 minute’s jeep travel to park entrance from Yala Tree House Hotel.You are the first to enter to the park to go safari and get chance to see animals early in the morning. Late comers get very less chance to see animals.

Well-informed guide services are always available for you. Delicious Treats likes TraditionalSri Lankan dinners or menus or by orders you can enjoy your meals and fruit desserts.


Tree House

"Yala Tree House Safari"

Mammals  such as elephants ,wild buffalo ,sported deer, wild pig, black –naped here and various bird species can be found in the Yala Tree House Hotel Garden ,within 15 minutes you can reach to the sandy sea beach stretching for miles.

There is a wonderful chance for you to get a remarkable Souvenir by planting a tree on uncultivated land next  to Yala Tree House Hotel –under a tree planting campaign, valuable plants are given to you and you can take a nice photograph of yours token or a souvenir take back  to your home. The progresses of growing inform you by E-mails and through scanned photos.
Syber café services too available on your request to check your E-mail and keep contacts with your dear ones through PCS.
A visit to the Yala Tree House Hotel and spend a night or two will be a remarkable new experience that you will never forget or can never erased from your mind All these are for you to see and take a chance and be contented with what we Offer you from Our Yala Tree House Hotel .Yala Tree House Hotel-Why not,
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